today I lost one of the most important people in my life. my ride or die, my bitchacho, and my bad bitch for life. it’s gonna be so weird coming home from work, or my boyfriends, to an empty room. we pretty much lived together this whole summer and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. we have done the craziest shit together, memories that we’ll never forget. liv and I love you so much, idk what were gonna do with out you. you’re the single most annoying, slutty, loud, stupid bitches out there, with an attitude the size of Jupiter. but in all honesty, you are an amazingly smart, nice person. weird to say, I know. I hope everything in California works out for you. I can’t explain how hard it was for me to keep it together while you drove away Today. everything became so real. i won’t see you again until winter break, that’s like 4 months. I can’t even begin to imagine how hard these next few months are gonna be. this is all for the best though, an I really hope California is good for you. next summer you’ll be back home with me thiugh, that’s all that matters. behind every single ‘I fucking hate you’ or slut joke, there was buckets of love, never forget that. you mean the world to me and liv. I miss you already. I can’t wait to see you again bitchacho. #badbitches4lyfe 💕😘


long car rides home make me sad


Anna Kendrick Plays Ariel in Little Mermaid Parody on SNL [Video]

oples & banonos. 😜🍎🍌

casual work selfies #livstryingtokillme


repeat after me: i am a sexy bitch and no one ruins my 2014


thought the sky looked pretty


id take a bullet for u in the leg not anything too fatal just a slight graze


who da ho?


"And I am so fucking sorry, but I guess it is true; you can’t cut off people without wounding yourself, too."
- S.K (via satans-ghost)
"Act like you trust people, but don’t."
- Anonymous (via suspend)


babies need to shut the fuck up and get a job